Founded in 1995 in Stuttgart, Team United Angels is one of Germanys best synchronized skating teams. The team trains at the municipal ice rink "Eiswelt Stuttgart".

After many of the longtime team members and coach left to persue other endeavor, the team United Angels was re-established in early 2015 with many new members and seasoned members of previous years. This enabled us to continue the consistency of hard work, pride and skating excellence of our team.


The current training team consists of ice, choreography, dance, balet and fitness trainers and is lead by Ms. Christina Calmbacher. They led the team United Angels into two seasons full of success. All coaches are well experienced internationally on the ice and on the dance floor.

The team represented themselves at many exhibitions and participated in major international competitions in the category 'mixed age'. Receiving first and second places proved the excellent work of the new training team.

Currently the team consists of 17 skaters between the ages of 14 to 30, who are members of the following skating clubs: tus Stuttgart Eissport, TEC Waldau, Stuttgarter ERC and ESG Esslingen.


In order to compete at senior competitions and against some of the worlds best teams, we need to have between 18 to 20 skaters on our team. We are constantly recruiting figure skaters and ice dancers in our age group and at an applicable performance level, who are looking for new challenges and would like to experience figure skating as a team sport. The entire team is looking forward to integrate interested skaters both personally and individually.


Performances at ice shows and participation at international competitions is the objective of every season with the goal to build on past successes.


In 2015, we founded the United Angels Novice team. This team is constantly striving for excellence in developing their synchronized skating skills and performance levels.

United Angels 2015/2016

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CHRISTINA Calmbacher

head coach


Kilian Madeja

coach novice


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